Dear Reader,

With the support of the three main political groups – as well as broad participation by colleagues from other groups – and the membership of MEPs from a vast number of EU countries, the first objective of a concrete representation of the interest of rural, mountainous and remote areas has been reached.

However, there is still important work to be done. The request to the European Commission for a White Paper on rural, mountainous and remote areas was welcomed by Regional Policy Commissioner Creţu, but we need to be focused and proactive to achieve this goal. Our 2016 activities will be led by the tenets of our guiding principles: inclusive growth, territorial cohesion and integrated development. As the chair of the Working Group on Climate Change and Energy, I particularly look forward to the progress to be made as part of the Energy Union’s ‘year of delivery.’

Let’s ensure that the heart of Europe, from the heather-covered moors and dry stone walls of North Yorkshire to the rugged mountains of Piemonte, is not forgotten by Brussels. Improving the living conditions, energy, and business environments in rural, mountainous and remote areas is not just a political duty for the European Union, following the principle that no EU citizens should be left behind, but also a great opportunity for growth and sustainable development for the entire EU. The RUMRA Intergroup will keep working towards this vital objective.

To make our goals a reality, please join our call for a white paper for rural, mountainous and remote areas by clicking below.

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet.

Mme Mercedes Bresso Chair, RUMRA Intergroup