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The European Rural Agenda is a holistic framework to define policies aiming to build a sustainable future for rural communities in Europe.

On 3 October 2018, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on addressing the specific needs of rural, mountainous and remote areas. The European Rural Agenda builds on this key document and focuses on concrete priority areas to improve the quality of life in these territories and foster opportunities for all Europeans.


  • Increase connectivity and access to public services through investment in high-quality transport, reliable energy solutions and the deployment of high- speed broadband.
  • Develop Smart Villages to revitalise public services through digital and social innovation, and encourage the roll-out of lower carbon decentralised energy solutions.
  • Invest in human capital and collective skills through accessible and life-long education and training programmes.


  • Tackle environmental challenges by promoting innovation and the development of small-scale renewable energy and technologies in the circular economy.
  • Protect cultural heritage -material and immaterial- and natural resources, by developing sustainable tourism and promoting the identity of rural communities.
  • Support decarbonisation and better air quality by delivering cost-effective and cleaner energy solutions to rural buildings


  • Overcome the rural-urban gap through an integrated approach fostering cooperation between rural and urban partners, to reach common goals and yield collective benefits.
  • Bring equal economic opportunities to citizens, especially women in rural areas, by supporting businesses and investing in the strengths of each territory.
  • Empower young farmers and rural youth through targeted investments facilitating entrepreneurship and the diversification of the economy.