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February 2023

How does Lithuania see smart villages of the country?

PhD Angele Kedaitiene

Transatlantic Club Climate Alfa.
former European Parliament and European Commission


Lithuania, country with great agricultural and rural traditions, has recently spurred in providing for the comprehensive overview of smart villages development in the country, and […]

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PRESS RELEASE – Members of the European Parliament’s RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup visit digital Linz

The city of Linz is considered a digital beacon of Austria. With a multitude of offers, the city of Linz has created a range of “Open Commons” that are unique in Austria and has also […]

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The RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup in the European Parliament visits digital Linz on a fact finding mission.

The city of Linz is Austria’s digital beacon. With a multitude of offers, the city of Linz has created a range of so called ‘Open Digital Commons’ that are unique in Austria and have also […]

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December 2022

REPORT ON THE LONG TERM VISION passed in plenary on 13.12.2022

The European Parliament voted nearly unilaterally in favour of the report on the long-term vision for rural areas, which was written by our RUMRA and Smart Villages Intergroup Member Isabel Carvalhais. Our co-chair, Franc Bogovič, […]

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July 2021

MEP Engin Eroglu on Benefits of the Future of Europe Conference for Smart Villages

Benefits of the Future of Europe Conference for Smart Villages
MEP Engin Eroglu
A number of persistent prejudices against rural and remote regions still persist today. Behind these stereotypes and tribalism, the fact that more than half […]

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MEP Hannes Heide on Tourism in Rural Areas

Tourism in Rural Areas
MEP Hannes Heide

Tourism has collapsed everywhere during the lockdown. Numerous companies are still threatened with bankruptcy. On the other hand, outdoor tourism in rural areas is experiencing an economic boom due to […]

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June 2021

Sign the Manifesto for Rural Innovation

REInA (Rural European Innovation Area) is a pan-European open platform which aims to gather innovative initiatives to support the creation of a new Rural European Innovation Area. The objective of REInA is to be the […]

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May 2021

Dive into the key data for EU rural areas. The Commission breaks it down by topic.

In the context of the long-term vision for rural areas, the European Commission has made available on its website key data for EU rural areas broken down by topic. The data, which is up-to-date, covers […]

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Register to event with EU40 on Promoting Regional Funding – Wednesday, 2 June at 14h

Promoting Regional Funding – How to maximise the use for our rural regions
Wednesday, 2 June 2021 | 14:00H | Register here

Hosted by Niklas Nienaß, Vice-Chair of the RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup in the European […]

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The European Commission launches the Atlas of Demography (AoD)

On 29 April 2021, Commission Vice-President Dubravka Šuica (Vice-President for Democracy and Demography) and Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth) launched the first edition of the EU Atlas of Demography […]

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Read the article by MEP Engin Eroglu on “Advantages of Big Data AI for Smart Villages”

Advantages of Big Data AI for Smart Villages

The analysis and use of Big Data is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. Big Data refers to data volumes that are too large, too complex, too […]

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SmartVillages Project – Compendium of the Interreg Alpine Space

Discover the Compendium of the Interreg Alpine Space SmartVillages project, which showcases the results after three years of implementation of the project. The Smart Village approach for mountain and rural areas is intended to unlock […]

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April 2021

Commissioner Suica at SILVER SMEs conference – Press Release by Euromontana

Press release
Commissioner Šuica reaffirms the opportunities to tackle demographic change in rural and mountainous areas at SILVER SMEs conference

On 21 April 2021, Euromontana organised an online conference on the challenges and solutions to cope with […]

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What is a smart village? Discover the answer in the video by the EPRS

In recent years, smart villages began to flourish, revitalise and empower rural communities. The concept implies the participation of local people in improving their economic, social or environmental conditions, cooperation with other communities, social innovation […]

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SSPA Network project: 5 FOR RURAL. Smart Rural Societies

The Confederations of businessmen of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel (CEOEs) are the founding entities of the SSPA Network (Sparsely Populated Areas of Southern Europe), a network that brings together the five provinces recognized by the […]

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March 2021

PRESS RELEASE – Rural areas should not be left behind in the recovery plans

On March 23, 2021 the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup issued a joint  Press Release:

At the start of the “Rural Vision Week”, members of the Committee of the […]

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EPRS Publication – Smart Villages: Concept, Issues and Prospects for EU Rural Areas

On March 1st 2021, the European Parliament Research Services (EPRS), the EP think tank, published a briefing on Smart villages: Concept, issues and prospects for EU rural areas. The paper explores the meaning and implications […]

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February 2021

Read our member’s paper on Smart Villages Policies: Past, Present & Future


On February 4, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Ljubljana published an article entitled Smart Villages Policies: Past, Present and Future. It features contributions of several authors from different institutions, including Ms Emilija […]

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November 2020

A rural agenda is urgently needed for rural areas after COVID crisis

This article was originally published on the official website of the European Committee of the Regions: 
A rural agenda is urgently needed for rural areas after COVID crisis (

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and […]

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Towards a Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas : Contribution from RUMRA & Smart Villages The European Parliament Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas


The RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup welcomes and strongly supports the European Commission’s commitment to developing a new Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas, as well as the feedback process the Commission has launched through a […]

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Rural Areas in Europe : A conversation with Vice-President Šuica

On Thursday 19 November 2020, Vice-President of the European Commission Dubravka Šuica addressed the members of the ‘RUMRA & Smart Villages’ Intergroup and engaged in a fruitful discussion regarding the upcoming Long-Term Vision for Rural […]

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Roadmap for the Long-term Vision for Rural Areas

The EU aims to create a debate on the future of rural areas and the role they have to play in our society. This initiative will set out a vision for the future of rural […]

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1st General Assembly of the RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup, 21 October 2020

On 21st October 2020, the RUMRA & Smart Villages Intergroup of the European Parliament held its first  General Assembly. The Executive Board, composed of the Co-chairs (MEPs Franc Bogovič (EPP), Clara Aguilera (S&D), Engin Eroglu […]

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October 2020

Article on Smart Villages in the Parliament Magazine

We spoke to MEPs from across Parliament about how the EU can better support rural communities.

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July 2019

Inaugural meeting of the new Intergroup SMART Villages for Rural Communities

On 16 July in Strasbourg, Members of the European Parliament Franc Bogovič (EPP) and Engin Ergolu (RE) hosted the inaugural meeting of the Intergroup SMART Villages for Rural Communities.

This Lunch-Debate at the European Parliament was the opportunity […]

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April 2019


On 10 April, the Parliamentary Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas (RUMRA) initiated by Euromonta, R.E.D and FREE, organised a conference at the European Committee of the Regions to discuss the needs and specificities […]

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November 2018

Hybrid Internet as a solution to improve connectivity in EU rural areas

Combining fixed & mobile networks for faster Internet

Thursday 22 November 2018, 13.30 to 15.00am, European Parliament (6th floor – Room: JAN 6Q1)

Co-organised by: Mr PAscal Arimont (Member of the EU Parliament) & tessares.

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European agenda for rural, mountainous and remote areas

Breakfast debate

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 8.00 to 9.30am, European Parliament

The RUMRA Intergroup (rural, mountainous and remote areas) in the European Parliament and the Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE) initiative are pleased […]

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October 2018

One step closer towards the acknowledgement of rural areas in the European agenda

RUMRA welcomes the adoption of the motion for a resolution addressing the specific needs of Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas, presented by MEP Iskra Mihaylova (ALDE, BG) on behalf of the REGI Committee.
Rural and intermediate […]

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June 2017

Putting rural issues on EU agenda: Industry leaders & policymakers join the RUMRA Intergroup for a breakfast briefing

On 1 June, the RUMRA Intergroup hosted a breakfast briefing to discuss the EU’s need for a rural agenda. Our Chair, MEP Mercedes Bresso, called for more interactions between rural and urban areas and presented […]

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May 2017

Cohesion in Rural Europe

Thursday 1 June 2017

08:00-09:30,  European Parliament, Members’ Salon, Brussels

If Europe is to unlock the potential of all its territories while achieving its ambitious targets, a more complete and comprehensive strategy is needed. Join the RUMRA […]

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The European Committee of the Regions: The need for a White Paper on Rurality

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has published its formal call for a White Paper on Rurality. This marks an enormous step towards addressing the areas of Europe that have been for too long […]

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February 2017

Euromontana publishes its 2016 European Charter for Mountain Quality Food Products

Euromontana recently published its 2016 European Charter for Mountain Quality Food Products. The Charter was developed following the adoption of the optional quality term “mountain product” by the EU in order to encourage the EU […]

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December 2016

Both Policy Makers and Industry agree on the need to address Rural Energy on European Level

On 29 November, the Parliamentary Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous, and Remote Areas (RUMRA) and Mercedes Bresso, Chair of RURMA, hosted a breakfast debate on the need of addressing the energy needs of rural and mountainous […]

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November 2016

RUMRA Breakfast briefing approaching!

An invitation to attend a Breakfast Briefing
Tuesday, 29 November 2016
08:00-09:30; European Parliament, Members’ Restaurant, Brussels



MERCEDES BRESSO, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the RUMRA […]

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October 2016

Euromontana conference sees the publication of the Bragança declaration

We, representatives of Euromontana, assembled here in Bragança on the 4th October 2016, do declare:

The first to be affected by climate change, mountain populations are among the most sensitive to the disruption to the global […]

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September 2016

Euromontana hosts conference on Climate Change in Mountainous Areas

RUMRA board member Euromontana, the European Association of Mountain areas, in association with the Mountain Research Centre (CIMO) of the Polytechnic institute of Bragança (IPB) and the Association for the Development of Viticulture in the […]

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March 2016

RUMRA hosts event on “Women between the urban and rural area – The success story”

On Wednesday 16 March, RUMRA Intergroup hosted an event and exhibition in the European Parliament on the theme of women between the urban and rural areas. The aim was to showcase the great work done by […]

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February 2016

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With the support of the three main political groups – as well as broad participation by colleagues from other groups – and the membership of MEPs from a vast number of EU countries, the […]

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