Dear Madam, Sir,

Please join Euromontana and PINS for a workshop on “Innovation and Circular Economy in Mountain Forest Supply Chains: How to Close the Loop?” on November 29th, 2016 in Skrad, Croatia. The workshop is co-hosted by Croatian Member of the European Parliament, Joso Radoš of the RUMRA (Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas) Intergroup.

The workshop asks: how can the circular economy be applied in the mountain forest supply chain? Come join other stakeholders to explore:

  • the European policy framework supporting the circular economy and potential funding opportunities for your ideas,
  • visions for a circular economy in forestry,
  • innovative tools, instruments, and processes,
  • and good practices and ideas already in place all over Europe.

A project brokerage session will take place over lunch before the workshop. At the session, participants will have the chance to discuss project ideas in circular economy, forestry, and other issues of relevance to mountain areas.

More information about the workshop, including an agenda and practical information, can be found on the Euromontana website by clicking here. So don’t hesitate, register now for the workshop!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Euromontana at "> or +32 2 280 42 83.

We hope to see you in Skrad in a couple of weeks!


Euromontana and PINS

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