RUMRA meeting on

Rural Energy Matters: Energy efficiency for climate and health

Thursday, 27 October 2016: 10:00-11:00, Louise Weiss, N4.3 European Parliament, Strasbourg, France


The reliance of rural homes and businesses on high carbon solid and liquid fuels is increasingly accepted as being a target for action as Europe seeks to reduce its GHG emissions. However, less well known is the issue of poor air quality in the countryside, which affects the health of millions of people daily.

Energy efficiency can be the tool to both reach Europe’s climate goals and protect the health of its citizens, but rural areas face unique challenges for reducing their energy use.

Join our event and learn first-hand what is happening with our countryside: The FREE initiative will be launching their landmark report on “Rural Energy Matters” – highlighting the current situation in rural areas and outlining decarbonisation pathways for the countryside.

The event will also be a fantastic opportunity to support this positive energy agenda for the countryside by signing the written declaration on energy efficiency, drafted by Mr Jozo Radoš, MEP.

Join us and learn why energy efficiency is the first fuel of EU countryside.


  • MERCEDES BRESSO, MEP, Member of the Committee on Regional Development, Chair of the Intergroup
  • JOZO RADOŠ, MEP, Draftsmen of the WD on Energy Efficiency and Co-Chair of the Working Group on ‘Living nowadays in rural areas’
  • FRANC BOGOVIČ, MEP, Chair of the ‘RURBAN’ Working Group, co-author of the WD on Energy Efficiency
  • ANDREW FORD, Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE) initiative, SHV Energy