Euromontana recently published its 2016 European Charter for Mountain Quality Food Products. The Charter was developed following the adoption of the optional quality term “mountain product” by the EU in order to encourage the EU and stakeholders across Europe to go further in the protection and promotion of mountain quality food products.

Today, we encourage you to join us and sign the Charter by visiting our Facebook page or clicking here to access the Charter directly. You can read more about the Charter on the Euromontana web page dedicated to the subject.

Each signature collected contributes to maintaining and developing local traditions, culture, and collective heritage specific to mountain territories, sustaining agriculture adapted to mountain areas, protecting mountain products from the fraudulent use of the term “mountain”, supporting sustainable development, and preserving unique mountain environments. Each signature also encourages the valorization and recognition of mountain products at the European and international level and mobilizes stakeholders who have signed the Charter.

The full text of the Charter is available in EnglishFrenchItalianSpanish, and Romanian (German forthcoming). To access the text, click your language of interest. Please take a moment to read the Charter.

Thank you for your support of mountain products. We hope you will sign the Charter and help us in our continued efforts to support mountain quality food.