The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has published its formal call for a White Paper on Rurality. This marks an enormous step towards addressing the areas of Europe that have been for too long overlooked by European policies.

The brochure, entitled ‘The need for a White Paper on Rurality: from a local and regional perspective, For a European rural Agenda after 2020 is great news for rural areas! Several prominent organisations and actors underlined the importance of putting local and regional interests on the European agenda after 2020.

It is remarkable that Phil Hogan, Commissioner in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development, highlighted the need to draft a white paper. He believes that strengthening links between rural and agricultural policies can help “unleash rural potential.”

The brochure also recognised the enormous work RUMRA has done on this issue by inviting a contribution from Mercedes Bresso, our Chair. In the paper, she called for a multi-level support from governments, national, regional and local authorities to build political consensus around rural issues.

In addition, Juanan Gutierrez, President of RUMRA member Euromontana, mentioned the importance of addressing the unique challenges facing Europe’s mountainous regions as they move towards a modern and sustainable economy which truly benefits their citizens.

RUMRA strongly believes that developing a more holistic approach on how to build a clear vision for rural areas will help build political consensus and trigger growth for regions that are often overlooked.[/fusion_text]